Loam fires

Clean combustion and high efficiency, stoking wood with your mind

Hybrid stove Stoking wood with your brains!

De luchttoevoer klep open zetten, het vuur aansteken, en genieten.

De luchttoevoer klep open zetten, het vuur aansteken, en genieten.

De mantel houdt de warmte 5 uur vast en met extra gewicht tot 9 uur.
Top techniek uit Oostenrijk, schone verbranding

Hybrid models

The hybrid loam stove is available in 2 models, the basic model and the corner model. This allows this loam stove to be placed in almost any position. The doors can be mounted to open left and right, if desired.

The fireplace that can be built with many options!

Organic/round design, baking oven or wood storage are options that make our HYBRID loam stove surprisingly versatile. Our organically designed model, the Lodge HYBRID, emphasises the loam finish of our stoves with its round shapes and, at 150 cm, is slightly taller than the standard model. The oven reaches temperatures of up to 300 degrees, making it suitable for baking pizzas, pies, cakes, casseroles and so on.
Noble rust
Basic loam

Hybrid stove Stoking wood with your brains!

Whether you want your fireplace plastered,clay plastered or provided with Novacolor Ironic, all finishes are possible. The plasterers at InterPleister can provide all finishes for you. Take a look in the Showroom and be surprised. Showroom en laat u verrassen.

Hoe werkt de Hybrid Leemkachel

Normal stove

A normal wood-fired stove will quickly heat up quickly and release its heat to the environment. After the peak of heat, the heat output will gradually decrease. At this point, you will refill the stove with wood to reheat the stove. The thickness of the stove's sheet steel as well as the combustion technology of the stove determine the heat output.

Rocket Loam Stove

The heat from a rocket loam stove is given off not only to the environment but also to the thick pack of loam bricks that buffers the heat (solid wood). When the wood supply is exhausted, the loam will continue to release the buffered heat to the environment for hours afterwards. The entire casing and any heat bank or wall will give off heat. The rocket stove is a heavy structure (2000 to 3500 kg) due to the use of heavy bricks. Naturally, this weight cannot be placed on a normal floor; adjustments will have to be made to the foundation.

Hybrid loam stove

The Hybrid loam stove combines the advantages of a light heat accumulating loam stove (Rocket Loam Stove) with the fast convection heat that is given off to the room via ventilation grilles in the casing like a normal stove. This makes this stove ideal for quick reheating but does not accumulate so much heat that the living space would overheat. This could happen in a very well-insulated house, for example. An additional advantage of this hybrid heat source is that the total heat output can be regulated between 3-7 Kw. If necessary, double-glazed windows can still be fitted. In use, the Hybrid Loam stove will quickly reach temperature and give off its heat in your living room for a long time.

Basic model



  • 138 x 58 x 48 (hxbxs cm)
  • 342 KG

Corner model



  • 143 x 53 x 53 (hxbxs cm)
  • 318 KG

Lodge model



  • 150 x 53 x 53 (hxbxs cm)
  • 380 KG

*Excluding building up and clay plastering the fireplace.

Extra options

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