Pizza ovens

Always wanted your own ecologically built pizza and bread oven in your garden? InterPleister builds your dream

Wonderfully unwind with the family!

Always wanted your own pizza and bread oven in your garden? InterPleister builds your dream. Relax and cook in your own oven. Nothing tastes better than a Pizza, Bread or baked Cake from your own wood-fired Pizza- Bread oven.

Under a canopy

The eco-built pizza-bread oven is built with refractory oven stone, loam, straw with clay and empty wine bottles.

As the outer shell of the oven is made of loam, it cannot be left outside in full rain. The pizza bread oven should therefore be under a canopy.

The canopy can be built in numerous ways. The best is to make it a real Pizza and BBQ area. a place where you like to get together with loved ones.

Pizza-bread oven dishes

Bistecca Fiorentina on the pizza oven barbecue

Crazy about steak? Then you can't beat Florentine steak! A huge sirloin steak with tenderloin, sirloin steak and T-bone in the middle.

The meat comes from special Chianina cattle coming from Val di Chiana (The Chiana Valley). The huge animals are bred according to old traditional methods in small farms in the provinces of Siena & Arezzo. The cattle are white in colour and have giant dimensions by Dutch standards. 'Il gigantismo' (the giant) is what they are called. Adult bulls can weigh up to 1,700 kilos (more than my car) and reach a shoulder height of around 1.70 metres.

The idea is to slice the Bistecca Fiorentina and eat it together with your friends. The meat should remain well red inside and should not be cooked through. Usually, the meat is served with cannellini beans. Connoisseurs say the thickness should not exceed two fingers and the weight should be at least 600 to 800 grams per serving.


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