Complete your interior with cornices

A cornice forms an aesthetic transition between wall and ceiling, hides cracks and imperfections and creates extra dynamism in the interior. Moreover, the multitude of styles and finishes is unprecedented: from sleek over contemporary to an ornamented Victorian cornice, classic or big to impress. Add to this the know-how and experience of Orac Decor®, and you know the result will be frameworthy.

Why do you make the best choice with Orac Decor® ceiling tiles? Short answer: because of the distinct added value:

Authorised applicator Orac

InterPleister is a certified applicator of all Orac products.

Our craftsmen undergo regular training to ensure they are up to date with the latest technology and thus have the right knowledge and expertise to deliver a masterpiece to you.

6 ways to use a cornice

Crown moldings not only offer decorative and functional aspects you will find them within your available budget. But the big advantage is the wide choice of application possibilities:

Ceiling frame

The transition between wall and ceiling is made with a cornice. From sleek to baroque, from decorative to functional. Everything is possible!

Curtain profile

Developed with the latest technologies and materials, our curtain profiles are excellent for elegantly concealing curtain rails, without that this requires additional systems. Moreover, we have models for both classic and modern interiors. The curtain frame runs decoratively along the walls so that the same frame can be used all around.

Element for indirect lighting

These profiles are the mood creators in an interior - whether in a private home, shop, office or hotel. They enhance the architecture, create the right mood and can be mounted as up- or downlights. Lights' fantastic.

Trompe l'oeuil to visually enlarge space

When most of the crown molding is installed on the ceiling, the room appears wider; if the largest part is then installed on the wall, the room appears higher. In this way, you almost literally play with your interior.

Element for indirect lighting

A select range of profiles can be used both as crown or wall mouldings, door frames or plinths. Whatever the final function, visual added value and extra dynamism are guaranteed anyway.

Flexible profile

With our specially developed ORAC Flex-reeks you have profiles that, thanks to their flexible effect, are excellent for curved walls and ceilings or creative applications. How about circles or decorative lines on your wall or ceiling, for example?

Expert advice on mouldings and ornaments

In our showroom, we have a complete department of mouldings and ornaments. From modern to overlay skirting boards and even flexible skirting boards. All mouldings and ornaments by Orac can be viewed and ordered from us.

Have you become curious about the many different skirting boards?

Take a look at our inspiration page, which features stylish photos of our projects, or schedule a no-obligation consultation in our showroom.

We think it's important that you make a good choice of a cast floor and a skirting that finishes it off stylishly.

We cordially invite you to our Showroom to feel and see the various special features and characteristics of our mouldings and ornaments in combination with various wall finishes. Here we can give you a thorough explanation of the pros and cons of each floor finish. We will enthusiastically advise you on this traditional product.

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