Stucco-Mat is een fluweel afwerking

Stucco-matt & metallic

Brander Stucco-Matt and Stucco Metallic, both a good choice for an atmospheric end result.

Stucco Mat

The Brander Stucco-Matt finish has a soft, attractive and velvety appearance. Stucco-Matt can be used in both classic and modern interiors.

Whether in a representative business environment or in a home, this wall finish brings a finishing touch to your interior. Stucco Matt can be used in both classic and modern interiors. Whereas a finish in light shades gives a subtle design, darker shades bring more shadow effects and depth. Stucco Matt is available in 54 colours.


Stucco Metallic

Stucco Metallic gives an extra sparkle to your wall through the light play of silver- and gold-coloured metallic particles. Whether in a representative business environment or in a private home, this wall finish brings a personal touch with a subtle play of shine and light reflection. Stucco Metallic is available in 30 colours.

Rust finish / iron

Looking for an industrial or aged rust or oxide wall?


We have several materials that can be used to create an extremely vibrant and genuine rust finish. Rust and oxide stucco gives your walls, furniture and doors an industrial style of aged iron equal to the effects of an iron surface exposed to natural corrosion by weather conditions. 

The many colour shades create a tough and unique finish that can be used indoors and outdoors. 

Rust stucco can be applied indoors as a decorative finish on accent walls, doors, wardrobe doors, furniture or your fireplace.  The method and degree of application determine the final rust effect, this can be as a smooth finish, but it is also possible to create a steel plate effect with pop rivets. Acid activator will oxidise the wall.

Archi + concrete en calcecruda

Archi + Concrete & Calcecruda is a mineral decorative plaster. Its composition of lime, cement and additives allows the creation of many hard finishes, ranging from concrete walls to robust wooden formwork finishes. Besides its aesthetic effect, the finish Phase Silossanica also gives excellent protection in outdoor applications.

For example, are you looking for an urban finish for your home or flat? Then the Archi+ Concrete then mineral plaster is ideally suited for interiors.

Archi+ Concrete is characterised by a unique curve and allows you to overlap the layers with a acrylic siloxane colour. In this way, elegant concrete effects are achieved in the latest trends and colours. Archi+ makes both interior and exterior walls look like walls made of layers of concrete. A special effect that makes your wall the highlight of your living room, for example.

Velvet stucco

Celestia wallpainting is een perfecte decoratieve wandafwerking waarmee jij een visuele en tactiele lederlook met verbazingwekkende tinten en kleuren te bereiken. De oppervlakken zorgen voor diepe en emotionele effecten, perfect afgestemd op de meest moderne en geavanceerde trends voor interieurs op architectonisch gebied .


Metal finishing

What is often used in modern architecture is the Novacolor RUSTon. A product that reproduces the appearance of accelerated ageing due to the weather conditions to which an object is exposed. In contrast to the Novacolor IRONic has the Novacolor RUSTon a non-uniform appearance with a rust effect. However, it appears as if the corrosion is somehow prevented from continuing. You have a choice of green, blue, brown and pearl colours that vary according to the technique used to apply the RustOn product.
RUSTon can be admired in our Showroom.

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