Indirect lighting, the ultimate mood creator

Times change, styles change, tastes change. Lighting is the perfect example of this. Indirect lighting even more so. Whereas lighting used to be primarily functional, today we see that it is used to create a well-defined, almost essential atmosphere. It transforms your living or working space into a true experience space.

With a well-chosen integration of indirect lighting in your home or office, you create both a WOW feeling and the right experience in and with this space. Functional remains important, of course, but the feeling the space gives you while you 'function' in it is all the more important.

Indirect lighting brings joy to life and work. It adds character to the room and energy to those who live and work in it.

Indirect lighting profiles are real mood creators for private homes as well as retail, office and hotel projects. Like all other Orac Decor® products, they can be co-painted.

The range offers cleanly designed but equally organic models and most of them can be mounted as both up- and downlights.  

One thing is certain: they enhance the architecture and are guaranteed to set the right mood. Thanks to compact LED lighting, you also have an energy-efficient solution and a long service life is guaranteed. 

How indirect lighting defines your space and experience

1. From functional to essential

A pleasantly lit hall or corridor is inviting for everyone. By incorporating indirect lighting in darker corridors, you give yourself and your guests a warm welcome in your home or workplace. Illuminating the wall or ceiling also visually enlarges your corridor. Are you thinking of installing indirect lighting above your staircases? If so, you will ensure safety, but also a safe experience for those entering the stairs.


2. A glow of light for a warm atmosphere

The soft glow that indirect lighting spreads evenly over your wall, ceiling or floor creates a warm and soothing atmosphere in your home.

You can integrate indirect lighting against your ceiling or as a downlighter above your floor for an extra spatial effect. If you integrate indirect lighting against the wall, this will create an atmospheric accent.


3. Also for your office, practice or business premises

We spend almost as much time in the office as we do at home. It is therefore essential that we feel comfortable here and have the necessary energy to function and perform optimally.

Some creative 'special effects' using indirect lighting will boost your performance in no time.


4. Highlight what is important

Indirect lighting highlights both the architecture of your space and the decoration you have lovingly selected. Surely that can be beautifully highlighted with some indirect lighting, right? 


5. In the bedroom the light can be on

Opinions may be divided, but we prefer the light on in our bedroom. Because with indirect lighting you create an intimate atmosphere that falls over you like a sheet. Almost imperceptibly, but always pleasantly present.

In short: indirect lighting turns your living space into a real living and experience space and your workspace into a source of energy. The possibilities are endless and so is your imagination!


Indirect lighting in our showroom

In our showroom we have EXAMPLE ROOMS but also all possible indirect lighting profiles.

Have you become curious about the many different lighting options?

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