Plastering ceiling and walls

Cast floor and skirting boards, a wise choice.

You may not think about it every day, but there are those things, however small, that instantly do something to the look of your interior.  One of the most important examples of this are your skirting boards. Not something you immediately think about when you move house. But the longer you enjoy your place, it's time to tackle the details too. Time for the skirting boards.

Why a plinth?
Skirting boards are used to finish the edges of your floor neatly. This is because it is impossible to lay a floor so tightly against the wall that the transition is seamless.

We therefore use skirting boards to tightly seal the edge between the wall and the floor. In addition, a skirting board protects the wall from damage. If the skirting board, doors and window frames are painted in the same colour, it creates a pleasing lineation that will give a clean and calm interior.

What does a skirting board do in an interior?

Only when you are busy choosing the right skirting board will you discover how much your skirting board affects the look of your interior. For instance, a high and highly visible skirting board immediately gives your interior a chic look, while a low one is more subtle and cool. The shape also has its effect: a clean, straight skirting board, a softer rounded skirting board, the subtle decoration of the bead skirting board or the outspoken romantic decorative skirting board.


Creative ideas

to finish off your room stylishly with skirting boards.

1. Increase your space optically

By painting skirting boards in the same shade as your wall and by opting for higher skirting boardsDo you want to emphasise the architecture of your room? Then you can opt for skirting boards, panelling or mouldings in a contrasting shade

2. Integrate indirect LED lighting into your skirting board.

Nothing as important as light in your interior. The soft glow of indirect lightning on a floor, wall or ceiling gives instant atmosphere to your interior.

3. Choose smart, multifunctional solutions.
A skirting board that flows effortlessly into a door frame, a skirting board that hides unsightly cables, a skirting board that also provides lighting ... At Orac Decor® skirting boards are much more than decoration. We offer you versatile and stylish customised solutions.

4. Flexible skirting = even more possibilities!

Orac Decor® also has a range of flexible, bendable profiles: ORAC Flex. The ideal solution for curved walls and floors and for creative applications. How about circles or decorative lines on your wall or ceiling, for example?


 In our showroom, we have a complete department with an incredibly wide range of skirting boards. From modern to transfer skirting boards and even flexible skirting boards. All skirting boards can be viewed and ordered from us.

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We think it's important that you make a good choice of a cast floor and a skirting that finishes it off stylishly.

We cordially invite you to our Showroom to feel and see the various features and characteristics of our skirting boards in combination with a PU Cast Floor, Pu Concrete Look, Concrete Cirè, Residential Concrete or Microcement floors. Here, we can give you a thorough explanation of the pros and cons of each finish. Inspired, we will advise you on this artisanal product.

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