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Loam finish, basic loam and wall heating

Basic loam is good for the climate ín your home and outside. Inside, it creates a comfortable and healthy atmosphere because the loam extracts excess moisture from the air and gives it back when the air is dry. So loam is warm in winter and cool in summer. Outside your home, basic loam helps to reduce the burden on our earth because basic loam is a 100% natural material.

Did you know that you can reuse the basic clay on your walls in the next house?

Loam finish, colour and plaster in one

If you choose clay plaster because you like it and do not want thick layers on your wall, clay finish would suffice. Earth finish is applied in a thickness of about 3 mm and is available in various colours. Loam finish can be applied over a flat surface, such as (primed) plasterboard or other "wallpaper-ready" walls. It can also serve as a finishing coat on basic loam.

Tierafino duro

The hard clay plaster in colour, clay that can take a beating!

Duro the hard clay for your interior

Duro is a coloured fine clay stucco. It has a typical silky look that sparkles when light falls on it. A sleek finish full of life!

The surface is harder than other loams (only clay plaster is even harder). This makes it ideally suited to households where a hard wall finish is desired. is nog harder). Dit maakt het bij uitstek geschikt voor huishoudens waar een harde wandafwerking gewenst is.

Duro is also a wonderful solution for offices and business premises: it creates a pleasant, warm yet businesslike atmosphere.


The real Moroccan stone, shiny, exotic and water-repellent.
Tadelakt is an originally Moroccan glossy plaster based on natural lime. Treating the special plaster with a smooth stone for a long time and then rubbing it with olive soap creates a marble-like structure, which is waterproof and impact-resistant. This makes tadelakt very suitable for bathrooms, fireplaces and ornaments. It is also possible to make vases or basins entirely out of tadelakt. Due to light, structure and gloss, Tadelakt has a particularly authentic look. Different methods of rubbing in - Tadelakt freely translated means rubbing in or massaging - and a choice of available plaster colours ensure a unique finish, so no two projects are alike. In InterPleister's Showroom, you can experience the possibilities of this age-old technique. With Tadelakt, you can also bring that beautiful Mediterranean atmosphere into your home. InterPleister is official applicator and partner of Tierrafino.

Why choose clay and loam?

We could talk about that for hours, but we would be happy to do that during an appointment in the SHOWROOM.

Clay and loam are ECOLOGICAL wall finishes and are contemporary, practical and just plain gorgeous. It is suitable for almost any surface and if you choose the right product, you can use it in any room indoors.


Personal 'touch'

Clay and loam are available in lots of colours. From fresh white to a green-grey industrial colour. And everything in between, of course. Therefore, there is always a product to suit your living taste.
The person applying the clay or clay also has his own 'touch' when applying it. Everyone has their own 'handwriting'. So no two walls are the same. And that also makes your wall unique.
Would you like to come and see for yourself? Then make a no-obligation appointment in our showroom.

Wall heating: heat like the sun radiates

No more dusty radiators with wall heating.

Comfort and radiant heat

Wall heating is a source of cosiness. With wall heating, heat is transferred via horizontal radiation and not, as with ordinary heating systems, with rising air (convection). 

This avoids air movement and dust circulation. With wall heating, rooms are heated more evenly. 

Health and fresh air

As ordinary radiators and heaters circulate the air in the room, it takes all the dust particles with it. You can also see this sometimes in winter, when the sun shines through the windows and you can see the dust floating in backlight. It is a given that the dust is not healthy for people and children with respiratory problems. Therefore, radiant heat is a very healthy heating option for this growing group. Dust does not collect in the radiators and stays where it belongs.


The loam used to finish wall heating is vapour open. This means that the material can absorb water vapour when damp and release it when dry. This has a beneficial effect on the climate in the house.

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