A beautiful and comfortable design floor for any interior

Polyurethane cast floors are incredibly popular in today's modern interiors. Architects and home stylists love to design their creations around the beautiful flat PU Cast floor.

This is not surprising as a cast floor creates unity in your home, business premises or office. Whether you like a country style or a modern sleek interior, a cast floor finishes it off.

A professionally laid cast floor is seamless, greenhouse-proof and very easy to maintain, making it highly suitable for applications in homes, kitchens, offices, bedrooms and business premises. If properly laid, you will enjoy your cast floor for many years.

Polyurethane flooring is flexible and less likely to crack than residential concrete floors, it is also naturally warmer and therefore very comfortable on the feet.

Modern PU unicolour casting floor

With a single-colour cast floor, you create a sleek look for your home or commercial space. There are no colour nuances in this floor but it has a sleek appearance in one colour.

Robust concrete-look floor with the characteristics of PU


A PU concrete-look cast floor transforms your interior into an atmospheric space with a lived-in industrial look. Each PU concrete-look floor has its own unique look.

Mixing two colours creates subtle hues, the so-called concrete effect. A great advantage of a blended floor is that dirt and stains are less noticeable. The PU Concrete look is ideal for living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and families with busy lives.

The PU concrete-look floor resembles a concrete floor in appearance but also offers the warmth and comfortable benefits of a PU cast floor. The material is elastic, making it feel comfortable when you walk on the floor. The cast floor easily absorbs ambient heat, so the floor always feels comfortably warm.

PU screed for comfort and years of intensive use

You would also like to be unconcerned about the durability and resilience of your floor, right? Our PU cast floor offers you that convenience of unconcern and years of intensive use:

Easy maintenance and repair

PU cast flooring is not only comfortable but also easy to maintain. The floor is poured seamlessly so dirt has no chance of accumulating in joints and seams. Cleaning the floor is easy with wiper, vacuum and wet cloth.


Cast flooring in countless colours

InterPleister's Polyurethane screed is available in any colour you want. To make it easy for you, we have categorised various colour groups so that we can guide you in choosing the colour of your cast floor.

Using colour fans, mood boards and samples, we will create the ideal floor with you.

Inspiration and showroom

Have you become curious about the many different cast floors and colours?

Take a look at our inspiration page, which features stylish photos of our projects, or schedule a no-obligation consultation in our showroom.

We think it is important that you make a good choice for a cast floor that perfectly suits your living requirements and living situation. On our website, you will experience that there are many different types of floor finishes in various colours. We therefore cordially invite you to our Showroom to feel and see the various features and characteristics of our PU Cast Floor, PU Concrete Look, Concrete Cirè, Residential Concrete or Microcement floors. Here, we can give you a thorough explanation of the pros and cons of each floor finish. We will enthusiastically advise you on this traditional flooring product.

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