Plastering ceiling and walls

Smooth plaster is a timeless wall and ceiling finish. The smooth and flat result can be painted over in any colour. Any damage can be easily repaired and re-surfacing your interior is a snap. Smooth plaster often forms the basis for further decorative plaster finishes.

Plastering walls and ceilings can be done in several ways. The thickness of the plaster and the requirements of the top coat determine the price.

InterPleister can give you sound advice on various types of plastering systems so there are no surprises. 

It often happens that a thin plaster system is offered cheaply. Here, it is often forgotten to mention that a thin plaster system is only a few millimetres thick and thus cannot level the unevenness of the substrate. This does not give the desired smooth/straight result when ironed. 

Get informed in our showroom and choose the finish that suits you.

Thin-plaster system

Thin plastering of walls and ceilings will be done with a layer thickness of 1 to 2 mm. The wall finish will be substrate following. It is an economical method of smooth plastering.

Thick plaster system

Thick plastering allows the plasterer to deliver a nice tight and flat result. For most homes, this finish is therefore the most suitable. Thick plastering is done with plaster in a layer thickness of 2 to 4 mm and is also polished by our plasterers. The result is a mirror-smooth surface that is sauce ready.


Capwork is applied with a thickness of 5 mm to sometimes as much as 1 cm. This is necessary when walls are out of line or in the case of a masonry wall, for example. Walls and ceilings can thus be delivered below grade.

Interpleister Airles en kalkverf

Plastering/painting walls without streaks or lane formation

Interpleister always sprays the walls and ceilings in a primer and final coat:

The underlay

  • The primer latex has an adhesive that provides extra adhesion to the substrate. This opaque primer latex can be delivered directly in colour.

The finishing coat

  • Once the substrate has dried, a matt finishing latex will be sprayed. This Latex will adhere very well and will flow nicely onto the previously applied layer, just like a car paint.

Lime paint brushing technique

There are many suppliers who make beautiful chalk paint. Perhaps the best known is Painting The Past. All lime and chalk paints have one thing in common, they look stunning in any interior and can be applied either by roller or brush.

Inspiration and showroom

Are you curious about the many different options and colours of our smooth plastered walls and ceilings?

Take a look at our inspiration page, which features stylish photos of our projects, or schedule a no-obligation consultation in our showroom.

We think it is important that you make a good choice that fits perfectly with your living preferences and situation. On our website, you will experience that there are many different types of wall and ceiling finishes.

We cordially invite you to our Showroom to feel and see the various details and properties of our decorative plasters, smooth plaster, concrete look, concrete-ciré and all our other stucco finishes. Here, we can give you a thorough explanation of the advantages and disadvantages of each finish. Enthusiastic, we will advise you on our craft products.

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