Benefits of concrete cement

Authentic concrete ciré floors


An interior with Concrete Ciré is HOT, trendy and luxurious. You are guaranteed a unique floor or wall that is also extremely scratch and wear-resistant.
Een Beton Ciré handgesmeerde vloer of badkamer is een hoogwaardig en waterdicht cementgebonden vloer- wandproduct. De Beton Ciré dankt zijn hardheid aan de speciale hars die toegevoegd wordt aan de op kleur gebrachte cement. De samenstelling van hars en cement maakt dat de vloer of wand uitermate sterk en flexibel is.

Concrete Ciré is the most authentic concrete available. Rubbed concrete has its origins in France.

This very first variant of concrete is multifunctional and is applied manually through sweeping movements. Building up a pattern in two layers creates a natural authentic and robust play of colours.

The hand of the processor is therefore clearly visible in the structure of the floor or wall finish.

The result? Raw and robust concrete that looks great in any room.

Unlike tiles and wall tiles, Concrete Ciré has no joints. The big advantage is that in shower areas, the joints do not get dirty and no mould can grow in the cement joint. Concrete Ciré is flat and little or no mould and bacteria can develop. The floors and walls are easy to keep clean, so you can enjoy your beautiful floors and walls for years to come.

By nature, Concrete Ciré is waterproof and very strong.  This combination makes the product an ideal application for floors and walls both in the bathroom, kitchen, toilet but also as an eye-catcher in the living room, bedroom, office or commercial space.

How do you maintain your concrete ciré?

Because we finish the Concrete Ciré with two top coats if desired, the Ciré floors and walls are very user-friendly. This protective layer is highly wear-resistant and requires hardly any maintenance. The coating is dirt- and dust-repellent and easy to clean.

This makes Concrete Ciré an extremely hygienic finish for your completeness bathroom and living room floor.

Simple cleaning with a natural soap is enough to enjoy your floor or wall finish for years.

When you purchase your floor, you will receive maintenance advice that includes all the do's and don'ts for caring for and maintaining your Concrete Ciré floor or wall. So that the condition of your living room floor or bathroom is guaranteed for the long term.

45 natural colours in our showroom

Our Concrete Ciré is available in 45 natural shades and can be viewed in our showroom.

Are you curious about the many different cast floors and colours? Take a look at our inspiration page with stylish photos of our projects or schedule a no-obligation consultation in our showroom.

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