Plastering ceiling and walls

CottonPutz, liquid wallpaper or also called Japanese decorative plaster, is the new trend in wall and ceiling finishes.

CottonPutz feels soft and warm and consists mainly of natural materials with wool and cotton being the main components.  The glue needed for adhesion is also natural-based.

All these ingredients make liquid wallpaper an ecologically sound and environmentally friendly product. 

Our manufacturers use 100% organic cotton. BEST FINISHING at SCREENING!

Benefits of cotton putty

Those who are self-conscious and consider a natural lifestyle as important as an eye-catching interior are likely to fall for American Clay.

A natural beauty
The enthusiasm for this particular ecological wall finish comes from its unique properties and applicability.

Healthy and sustainable
Clay plaster naturally regulates humidity. Its insulating properties make it feel cool in summer and warm in winter. Furthermore, clay plaster absorbs odours and the air is naturally filtered to the tangible benefit of allergy sufferers. A room with American Clay radiates a natural calm, feels calm, smells fresh and is quiet. Clay plaster is 100% natural, VOC-free and gives zero-waste. That makes it very good for the environment

Plastering ceiling and walls

Cotton putty seems to be the new trend in the field of wall finishes. It also not only gives your walls and ceilings a warm and neat look, but it also has very many positive properties. The many advantages of Japanese decorative plaster are;

Noise is dampened by the material. This easily reduces noise pollution. It is ideal for houses or flats.

As this wall finish consists exclusively of natural materials, it contains no harmful ingredients.

The material is anti-static so it does not attract dust. This is particularly advantageous for people with dust allergies or those struggling with respiratory problems.

Cotton putty is easy to apply, but also very easy to repair. Small damages can easily be repaired by wetting it a little locally to restore the fabric

Cotton putty inspiration and showroom

Have you become curious about the many different options and colours of our cotton putty walls and ceilings?

Take a look at our inspiration page, which features stylish photos of our projects, or schedule a no-obligation consultation in our showroom.

It is important to us that you make a good choice that fits perfectly with your living requirements and living situation.

On our website, you will experience that there are many different types of wall and ceiling finishes.

We cordially invite you to our Showroom to feel and see the various details and properties of our decorative plasters, smooth plaster, concrete look, concrete-ciré and all our other stucco finishes.

Here we can give you thorough explanations of the pros and cons of each finish. Inspired, we will advise you on our craft products.

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