Clay plaster

Those who are self-conscious and consider a natural lifestyle as important as an eye-catching interior are likely to fall in love with Clay Plaster

Benefits of clay plaster


Clay plaster from American Clay

Those who are self-conscious and consider a natural lifestyle as important as an eye-catching interior are likely to fall for American Clay.

A natural beauty
The enthusiasm for this particular ecological wall finish comes from its unique properties and applicability.

Healthy and sustainable
Clay plaster naturally regulates humidity. Its insulating properties make it feel cool in summer and warm in winter. Furthermore, clay plaster absorbs odours and the air is naturally filtered to the tangible benefit of allergy sufferers. A room with American Clay radiates a natural calm, feels calm, smells fresh and is quiet. Clay plaster is 100% natural, VOC-free and gives zero-waste. That makes it very good for the environment



Clay plaster different from clay?

Yes indeed, there is a difference between clay plaster and clay plaster. The higher clay content in clay logically ensures that all the health benefits that clay has are many times higher than those of loam. The higher electrical charge in clay ensures more "HEALTH" in a room in which clay plaster is applied, because this negative charge ensures that nothing sticks to the wall, such as dust, mould or pollen, so that people with allergies benefit greatly.

Because it is denser of structure it is stronger much more variation is possible in the way it is finished. Clay plaster comes in many finishes: Enjarre-Loma-Porselina and the very white and hardest Forte, from coarse to marble-like fine.

Every colour you have ever encountered in nature can be found in the clay colour palette. Whatever your wishes, we have the clay plaster that suits your interior

Clay plaster is the number one choise for the bedroom for your baby or child.

Why choose clay plaster or loam?

We could talk about that for hours, but we would be happy to do that during an appointment in the SHOWROOM.

Here we keep it short. Clay and loam is ecological, contemporary, practical, moisture-regulating and just plain gorgeous. It is suitable for almost any surface and if you choose the right product, you can use it in any room indoors.

Personal 'touch'

Clay and loam is available in lots of colours. From fresh white to industrial grey and everything in between, of course. Therefore, there is always a product to suit your living taste.
The person applying the clay or loam has his own 'touch' when applying it. That makes your wall unique!
Would you like to come and see for yourself? Then make a no-obligation appointment in our showroom.

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