Waterproof concrete stucco for your bathroom, stylish and low-maintenance.

Finishes for your bathroom, toilet and kitchen.

There are many products suitable for giving your bathroom, toilet, kitchen backsplash and countertop a completely seamless concrete look. In contrast, the range of materials in direct contact with water such as a shower area is limited.

Base Concrete, Concrete Ciré, Frescolori Maranzo and Puramente , are common finishes used to replace your tiles for waterproofing and a seamless wall finish.

Interpleister, your bathroom specialist, has the solution for your bathroom. Get inspired by our experts and design the bathroom of your dreams. 

Come see our SHOWROOM where we have incorporated the various finishes in our bathroom.



Raw and robust concrete ciré

Concrete Ciré is the most authentic concrete. This very first variant of concrete is multifunctional and is applied manually by sweeping movements. The hand of the processor is therefore clearly visible in the structure of this concrete. The result? Raw and robust concrete that looks great in any room. In principle, Beton Ciré is suitable for all substrates, provided they are stable, dry and non-absorbent. Ideal for floors and walls in all rooms! Combine with soft colours for a nice contrast and an attractive whole.

Concrete-ciré on walls

The concrete look can no longer be ignored in our interiors. From floors to table tops and from furniture to walls: concrete look is totally hip and happening. 

Concrete Ciré is rubbed, waxed concrete that acquires its distinct structure through abrasion and friction. Concrete Ciré is a very strong product because it consists of cement mixed with a resin.


Concrete-ciré also on floors

Concrete Ciré Floor is plastered concrete that is mainly applicable to floors. It usually has a thickness of 2 to 3 mm. Plastering the concrete and sanding it lightly afterwards gives it a special look.

With Concrete Ciré Floor, you have a choice of many colours, equal to that of Concrete Ciré Originale. Floor shows more and a coarser pattern than Beton Ciré Originale. In principle, Beton Ciré Floor is suitable for all flat floors, but Floor is also a real eye-catcher as a wall finish!

Frescolori maranzo & puremente

Two products that can be used in wet areas such as bathrooms and wellness areas.

Maranzo & puremente are lime plasters made from natural raw materials. By using first-class raw materials including lime, marble powders and granulates, a wide variety of structures and colours can be created. Lime plaster is available in almost all colours. Due to the preparation and uniqueness of the product, the colour will always be blended, walls and walls come to life.

Wallastic the wall of the future

The first true revolution for wall finishes in wet areas is WALLASTIC.

This wall finish is made of an elastic synthetic resin, making walls completely and seamlessly 100% waterproof. In addition, the walls are finished with Wallastic pore-tight, on which mould does not take hold and maintenance is very easy.

InterPleister is a partner and certified applicator of Wallastic.

Elasticated finish

Wallastic wall finish is colour and abrasion resistant and will last a lifetime. Because it is elastic, cracks in the substrate do not affect the wall finish. Wallestic stretches with you and remains waterproof.

Wallastic properties

Wallastic is made of an elastic synthetic resin. As a result, cracks from the substrate have no effect.

The Wallastic wall finish is 100% waterproof and will always remain so.

With Wallastic, you can choose from all RAL, Sikkens and NCS colours. So there is always a colour to suit you.

Wallastic is completely seamless. So you say goodbye to joints where dirt gets stuck.

Its seamless design makes Wallastic easy to maintain.

The Wallastic wall finish is pore-tight and therefore prevents mould.

The Wallastic flows seamlessly into your cast floor. This allows you to retain the seamless design.

A seamless wall is not only easy to maintain a room also looks bigger with Wallastic.

Bathroom inspiration and showroom

Have you become curious about the many different options and colours of our bathroom finishes?

In our showroom, we have a bathroom corner with the following products

Take a look at our inspiration page, which features stylish photos of our projects, or schedule a no-obligation consultation in our showroom.

It is important to us that you make a good choice that fits perfectly with your living requirements and living situation.

On our website, you will experience that there are many different types of floor, wall and ceiling finishes.

We cordially invite you to our Showroom to feel and see the various details and properties of our decorative plasters, smooth plaster, concrete look, concrete-ciré and all our other finishes.

Here, we can give you a thorough explanation of the pros and cons of each finish. Inspired, we will advise you on our craft products.

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