Durable and hard-wearing staircase renovation

Your stairs are used frequently and therefore need to withstand wear and tear.

InterPleister only uses materials of absolute top quality. Our expert staff can renovate virtually any staircase.

The result is a maintenance-free staircase that you never have to sand and paint again. Your steps will be non-slip if required and with the natural look of concrete!

Stair renovation is an ideal solution when you want to have your stairs thoroughly renovated

Types of staircase renovation

Whether it is a closed staircase with risers or an open staircase, InterPleister uses concrete to make your staircase like new.

It is even possible to continue the concrete look from your staircase to your living room and hallway floor

One-floor design for your stairs and floors.

LED strips as a tasteful solution

Usually, stairs are very poorly lit. LED strips under the treads of your stairs is a safe and beautiful solution. The lighting radiates elegantly over the steps. Stair lighting can only be fitted to a closed staircase.

Staircase renovation prices

From as little as € 1950 (per closed staircase of 13 steps), your stair treads have a concrete look. Of course, it is also possible to give your open staircase or steps, including the risers, a concrete look.

Natural and trendy look

All products have a natural trendy look which fits particularly well in sleek, tough and/or modern interiors. By cladding both treads and risers in Betonlook, you create a whole and get the effect of a solid concrete staircase. The VT living stylists love this decor because it is so easy to combine within various styles




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